~Dr Kerr Drake Young / Lady Kerr~
  • Dr. Young has studied and worked throughout Europe and Japan as well as the US for over 30 years. Never "settling" for second or less enabling her to bring the best to her clients & students.
  • Carefully weaving each session to accommodate each client's own personal needs through patience & specific attention to intimate details.
  • Drawing from a rich Celtic heritage, embarking upon this journey at a very young age, attending several major Universities & tutelaged in the "Olde Ways" as well as the New! Always seeking out the source and learning from true Masters worldwide.
  • Educated & experienced in the use of ancient as well as modern energies & healing techniques, utilizing plant essences, exotic oils & herbs, guided meditation & journeying, therapeutic touch & spiritual guidance.

    Combining (weaving) them is the mystery in making a true Tantric Master, enabling you, the client to expand your awareness and facilitate healing on a deeper, cellular even spiritual level.

~ Tantra ~ Weaving & Expanding !

Honoring the connection of Body~Mind~Spirit.

Credentials include:

  • Baccalaureate . . . Music
  • Master's . . . Psychology/Theology
  • Doctorate . . . Metaphysical Studies
  • Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Licensed Sex Educator. . . Life Coach
  • Licensed Spiritual Counselor
  • Massage Therapist (various modalities)
  • Certified Nutritionist
  • Certified Veterinary Technologist
  • Herbalist/Aromatherapist
  • Shorin Ryu~Matsumura~Kenpo~Kubodo Master
  • Ordained Interfaith Minister . . .
  • Druid Healer/Priest


I have been extremely fortunate & totally blessed to have studied, worked and traveled with many amazing people in the world of Healing Arts all over the globe. Some of the most memorable being Mother Meera, Dr. Wayne Dyer, James Van Praagh, Carolyn Myss, Louise Hey, Mantak Chia, Dr. Monse Grodon, Flora de Mayo, Ken Stubbs PhD, Dr. Chet Snow & his lovely wife Kallista, Jankuso Kwong and the monks and teachers at the Zen Center. And of course Rinpoche' Chogyam Trungpa who prompted me on this journey many years ago. All exuding the light and love of a true Master.

Alas, I too am but a tour guide, here to help others find their way, & discover their true "inner ~ Jewel! (the meaning of the word, Jebijou)

Always learning and honored by those who choose to be my students and trusting clients. Networking with an amazing group of worldwide colleagues, compelled to teach and to aide all who seek & come my way.




The teacher takes care of all
and abandons no one.

Takes care of all things. . . and abandons nothing

if the teacher is not respected,
and the student not cared for,
confusion will arise, however clever one is.
This is the crux of mystery.

This is called following the light


Tao te Ching