Letter to the Universe from a Tantra/Reiki Student:

Love force is how my Tantra/Reiki Master and I came to be ... I realized the need for a spiritual evolution and inner harmony as I felt emotionally unbalanced and restless after my wife died. I wanted calm peaceful stress free feelings and knew I had to cleanse myself of negative energy & emotions and strive for balance and spiritual peace. I needed to care for myself first before I could ever contribute to the higher good of all through my heart and thoughts. My Master is guiding me on that journey and to her, I extend reverence and gratitude.

Like a newborn pony discovering the pasture, I wanted all the herbage I could ingest. As the pony soon discovers & so did I, the pasture is too vast and the body needs to absorb and digest as life intends. I am thankful for the insight that my Master feels and for the guidance she continues to give allowing me to discover and receive Spiritually Guided Universal Life Energy.



Hey Kerr,

Just wanted to thank you again for an incredible experience. I think I'm still recouping. It was great to feel so relaxed. I didn't want to have any expectations before I came. You made me feel very comfortable in your hands. I am going to have to make time to see you again and explore this energy further, we've been so busy lately. Thanks again, for the music info.

Talk soon Michael


Hi Lady Kerr,

I'd be happy to provide a testimonial:

"I highly recommend Lady Kerr. She's intelligent/informed, personable, has style, class, beauty and she helped me overcome performance anxiety, (I have suffered from PA all my life) without violating my strict religious beliefs and did so in only four sessions.

I have seen five prior therapists, (three surrogates, one psychiatrist and one sex counselor for attempted resolutions prior.

Respectfully, Charles L.


Dear Kerr,

Again I am awestruck at the beauty and wonder of your replies. Your life's journey is fascinating to me, as is the love and reverence that you write with. I am tempted to say that I am smitten, yet it is both deeper and different than merely that. Perhaps it is because I find the subject matter compelling, and stimulating. Your descriptions and depth of understanding human nature and it's frailties, convince me of sincerity of purpose. I begin to cheer for you in my heart , (my romantic proclivity inherent), and am hoping to see your joys fulfilled.... With that said, I must state that I am most interested in YOU...
- I am interested in why you are so expressive in seeking and using the forms of verse that you do, to impart your reason and definitions.
- I wonder how you came to acquire (and retain) the wisdom of your lessons in life so far. And I think, MOST importantly:
- That you know what the golden truth of self acceptance is, and the energy of your awareness, makes that shine like the sun... from within you, and shed this warming love upon others.

I perceive this as One Gentle Miracle. I envy you, (as the moon does the sun), and cannot but be inspired to reflect that light back at you, but also outward for others to see and feel.

Thank you again, Kerr, for sharing your beautiful thoughts and love with me. You have inspired a new friend here. I hope you are blessed and rewarded for this.
sincerely, Tom