As an Internationally Licensed Counselor, Life Coach and Ordained Interfaith Minister.

I am comfortable working with all types of people, familiar & supportive of alternative lifestyles and specializing in "other" dynamic types of counseling.

Acting as a mirror, not a judge. Providing
you with a reflection of yourself. One you may never have viewed before. With this reflection you can move toward finding new solutions.

Guiding you in developing new skills enabling you to reach your goals.

Be it resolving past issues or dealing with current problems. Death, family problems, "disease" poor health, financial issues along with myriads of relationship trauma can all cause difficulty on our journey.

Private discussions, guided meditations, or self discovery sessions can be set up to help resolve certain issues. (past life & Karma) In depth study and energy work oft incorporated in one on one or couples sessions.

Private classes & workshops also available in related subjects. . . .

feel free to enquire

Seeds feed awhile on the ground
then lift up into the Sun.

So you should taste the filtered light
and work your way toward wisdom
with no personal covering.

That's how you came here,
like a Star,
without a name!


(do you not believe you deserve to shine?)


Beyond ideas, there is a field ! Will you meet me there ?

Listen ~ Be ~ Believe . . .
Open ~ Trust ~ Feel . . .

When the student is ready the teacher will appear
I am a twilight soul between the mundane and the spiritual
The world of magic, of higher science, is a lonely one
yet I am ready to believe . . .
                    To leap into the light of truth

From the point of greatest imbalance comes the point of greatest stability
If you seek to understand the whole universe you will understand nothing at all

Seek to understand yourself and you will come to understand the Universe

Miracles are only things that happen under laws we do not yet understand . . .

We are All trying to Wake-Up!


Resolve unfinished business,
clear out hurts resolve conflicts, unresolved losses . . .
         Knot in gut
                ache in chest
                        tightness (lump) in throat

Stop telling self . . .
     I was a jerk
             was stupid