The great physician Hypocrites in the 5th Century BC val
ued and recognized massage, energy & touch as an integral part of health and set up schools in the ancient gymnasiums of Greece.

This has remained an important part of health care throughout Europe
e and is finally gaining recognition here in the States.

The therapeutic value of human touch and it's many sister
therapies are replacing the de-humanizing aspects of modern health care. Along with the taboos of lighter & sensual touch it has been a long path indeed!

Massage is now firmly established as an effective therapy for all types of physical, even metaphysical maladies. Oft combined with energy work and chakra alignment, aromatherapy & or healing oils. From Therapeutic touch to Deep Tissue & Circular movements (Bowen) even the pulling & stretching of Shiatsu and other Oriental therapies (traditional REIKI massage). . . there is a modality or combination thereof to help everyone achieve better health and modify illness.

Now gaining popularity, Esoteric Tantra and Tantric healing techniques practiced one on one or with couples, unlocking hidden secrets and releasing inhibitions opening the mind and body to new experiences and deeper sensations and ways of discovering total bliss.


Tantra is a much lighter touch, combined with energy channeling an
d Prana. Awakening the Kundalini, addressing the entire body, opening the Chakras, enlivening the entire body. Using specific oils and various props to enhance sensations long forgotten! Omitting nothing, a total body experience embracing all the senses.

Couples experience & learn new ways of touch and
techniques (see couples page) to experience and enhance each other on a more sensual, spiritual plane! If you are new to this or simply not sure what will benefit you, request a "sample" session or simple chakra cleanse. The goal is for "YOU" to feel good again.