Universal Healing / Energy in its purest form.
  • We are all dynamically connected to the infinite. "As above, so below" is an echo of wisdom heard from sages and mystics throughout the ages. When we can connect to and absorb the energy that surrounds us, we are able to tap into the many splendors of the Universe.
  • We exist because of the unique combination of the forces that are around us and within us. The two main forces are electricity and magnetism. "Bio-electric magnetism" is the Western term for "life force", which the Tao refers to as chi. For the past 5,000 years, Taoists/Buddhists & Reiki practitioners & energyworkers have utilized this bio-electricmagnetic energy to enhance their way of life and establish a relationship with the universe. Bio signifies Life, Electro refers to the universal energies (yang) of the stars & planets and the Magnetic force refers to the Earth force (yin) or gravitational force present on all planets & stars. As we align ourselves with these forces we become a conduit through which we can absorb and digest these energies through the body ~ mind ~ spirit establishing a direct connection with the universe. Human beings have amazing potential and capabilities. We are unique creatures in the way we use our minds and hands. As healing practitioners we use the mind to project a pattern of energy into the universe, to connect to the force, and to bring this energy back into the body. With proper training you can connect to the energy of nature and the universe and project your chi to to combine with it, drawing these healing forces into the body. The hands or "touching force" are like antennae and transmit the frequencies and vibrations from space to ourselves & others.
  • Healing Energy is completely unconditional.
  • Demanding only "pure intent" of the giver and mere acceptance of the receiver.
  • Propounding no creed or dogma. Open to all faiths and Life paths!
  • No specific belief in a supreme being or beings is necessary.
  • Used in its traditional form(s),developed through the centuries.
  • Esoteric Tantric Reiki,rediscovered by DR Mikao Usui came to Japan in the 19th century via the Japanese monks, Kukai & Saicho who studied in China. Kukai was a student of Huikuo a student of Amoghvarja who was the student of the famous Indian teaher Vajrabodhi. Saicho studied on the Tan Tien Mountain and became the founder of Tendai Buddhism in Kyoto, Japan. Kukai began the Shingon Buddhist school. . . In Japan these schools are given th emutual name, "Mikkyo!" It is from this esoteric Buddhism we get the "Heart Sutra". The most beautiful description of the state beyond duality and the Kanji empowerment and healing of the Esoteric Buddhism that led Dr Usui to the rediscovery of REIKI !
  • The 3 pillars of Reiki are:

    ~ Gassho(the meditative postural attitude)
    ~ Reiji-ho(devotion)
    ~ Chiryo (treatment)
  • Tantric practice, Reiki & Tao all teach how to cultivate "Inner Energy" and connect this energy with the universe. With a good heart and virtuous energy we can connect with this natural force.
  • We can learn how to increase, transform, take in, share, and stay in touch with all the forces of the universe. This oneness with the universe is what is important to all.
  • Usui Reiki Ryoho & Shiki Ryoho, Kundalini Reiki, specific touch, lighter massage techniques, address the body's "subtle energies" to facilitate healing of the body and emotions, bringing them into balance. These combined healing techniques and energy systems create results that are life changing & truly amazing. Incorporated into everyday life in conjunction with use of herbal therapies, proper diet, even exercise & or meditation to promote a greater sense of health and wellbeing.
  • To some this can be an extremely spiritual experience. Contacting the higher self & higher forces, letting go and surrendering are imperative!
  • Conserving, Balancing, Transforming, Increasing, and Expanding Chi to heal yourself & others.

* * * When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears* * *


There is no need to re-arrange your schedule or take time away from work & family. I prefer private classes with up to 4 or 5 people. Or if you prefer I do teach one on one. You're welcome to stay the weekend (here at the center or a local B&B). We can arrange a few days / evenings mid-week at your discretion. You may break-up your classes/training to fit your particular needs. Some folks require time in between classes to digest the information properly) I'm sure we can come up with an amicable schedule.

Not everyone is comfortable with a rigid "classroom setting". The Healing Center is a quiet, rustic environment, not sterile or cold. Comfortably furnished with futons, variety of cushions & pillows, even zafus for more traditional folk. Very user friendly. Interaction encouraged.

Chakra classes - $75


Level I training - $150
Level II training - $250
Level III training - $500

Intro to Tantra - $120
Magic Hands (children) - $50 plus cost for materials

Animal Reiki - $60

Master - by request, upon my discretion . . . price negotiable

Prices listed above for instruction and attunements, (manuals & certificates included). This is a much more intense & traditional training than you would receive at a community center or church group, etc. I prefer the serious student.

These are intensive, traditional programs, including the teaching & practice of energy work, Chakra balancing, meditation, healing others (hands on), etc.

Level II & III: Dream lucidity, Astral travel, past life clarification, Shamannic journe
ying, Metaphysical travel for intense problem solving. Contacting & utilizing Spirit guides/Angels for self & others, Aura work, crystal work, aromatherapy, essence therapies, sound therapy.

Body-Mind-Spirit from nutrition to simple Yoga and more. Breath work, self awareness, energy channeling, meditation, astrology, shamannic journeying and much more.

* Also now by popular demand, "Re-atunements". . .

Please call to inquire. Special pricing dependant on level, experience & training. sometimes life gets in the way, People have blocks and the teacher did not notice. Or things just didn't "click" as they should have. You took the classes, but nothing happens when you try to use your skills? Not a problem, I can help.

  • Prices include student manuals and various hand-outs. . . other required reading materials and videos, etc. need be purchased by student. Some items may be purchased at local book dealers or directly from publishers.

  • I Seldom "teach" in a classroom setting, expect student to be flexible, honest & sincere. May occasionally work out doors.

  • I Expect student to "keep" appointments or call several hrs before designated time. ( it oft takes several hours to cleanse, and prepare, prior to student arrivals) Please show respect for your Teacher and each other.

  • You may work alone or in small groups. Wear comfortable, non-binding clothing.

  • Expect the unexpected . . . embrace the divine and explore the metaphysical realms of the Universe

  • These are not quickie, 1 day programs. . . each student is special and will receive detailed instruction and proper attunements. You will receive international certification at each level completed.

  • If interested and cannot meet tuition, payment arrangements can be made. If student proves worthy, concessions may be applied.

  • Each student progresses at his or her own rate. . . there is no rigid time frame.

  • Classes may be set up for individual or small group learning.

  • You will be Instructed and Guided each step of the way by Dr Rev Young, Master/Teacher in Reiki Ryoho & Shiki Ryoho as well as other Elders/Masters and Shamannic healers and Professional teachers who visit on occasion.

Master/teacher is an extra 1-year program and a special certification available to those who wish to learn how share this gift/knowledge with others. (Proper chakra/channel opening, passing on of attunemtnts, etc)

  • You will also have the opportunity of working with more than one master at times, (healing shares & special events) as well as other professionals. Sometimes students have special needs, interests, etc. also it is good to receive different teaching techniques.


The teacher takes care of all men
and abandons no one.
Takes care of all things. . .
and abandons nothing

if the teacher is not respected,
and the student not cared for,
confusion will arise, however clever one is.
This is the crux of mystery.

This is called following the light

Tao te Ching