~ Sensual ~ Spiritual Become One !
Beyond ideas there is a field,
Will you meet me there?

The world of Tantra is not intellectual, more than just physical. Tantra is The Science of Ecstasy.

The Ecstasy of the Divine !

Tantra means To Weave & Expand!

It is not an intellectual proposition, rather an experience, a spiritual path not sexual, more correctly, sexuality is but one of the many, many branches of Tantric study, usually reserved for advanced study it is not the main concern. Tantra embraces the "Entire" being, the entire body.

  • Tantra incorporates Ancient Healing techniques, using Ching or sexual Taoist thought this energy is the source of all life and creativity. It is the basic resource which can be transformed first into chi (life-force energy) and then into shen (spiritual energy). When we feel sexual arousal or desire, the sexual hormones are activated. This is the beginning of inner alchemy. In Tantric Healing practices this energy is captured, recycled and used to regenerate the body's internal energy.

  • Tantric touch can be extremely subtle yet electrifying, embracing the whole body & spirit. By incorporating specific energies and techniques Tantra reaches us at a different/deeper level. Once one's inhibitions have disappeared a true state of bliss arises, opening the door to true inner healing & awareness. One need not adhere to any special faith or practice any particular form of spirituality. Tho originally a Buddhist tradition. It is truly a personal journey for any & all who are open to deep personal discovery & self mastery.


The professional Tantric session provides reassurance and confirms needs, eliminates many personal inadequacies and the fear of physical responsiveness disappears. The recipient is allowed to escape into a state of bliss. The Tantric experience can be a most pleasurable form of escape from life's difficulties, leading on a path of enlightenment, self discovery and special awareness.

  • Couples: Learn specialized, structured movements. Discover how to re-connect.

  • One can request Full or Partial Sessions: Tantra, like Zen is a personal path to enlightenment! Whatever is comfortable!

  • For those who are "shy" eye-gazing or synchronized breathing is an excellent way to begin. Then one can progress slowly avoiding any misunderstandings. Clarifying needs and building trust.

  • Learn to touch without "touching" ! An ancient healing technique!

  • Utilize Sacred Breath!

  • Release damaging emotions or fears safely in a peaceful, nurturing environment!

  • Or simply learn new techniques of communication!

  • The use of feathers, warming oils, aromatics and flower essences.

  • No two sessions are alike, each session is specifically designed with client's needs and individual preferences taken into consideration, making it a unique and personal experience.

  • Difficult issues can be worked upon and series of sessions can be scheduled to accommodate special needs.

  • One on One or Couples welcome! Private classes (see "Energy Healing Classes"). Massage & Couples workshops available for those who wish to learn & or experience these ancient healing techniques.